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Personal Training Studio

Hi, my name is Lea Ward and I love to exercise! I own a workout studio where my goal is to get my clients feeling the same way about physical activity that I do. Sessions are tailored to each client's specific needs and are conducted in the privacy of my own home gym.

ACE Certified 

As the leading nonprofit organization certifying health coaches and exercise professionals, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) seeks to get people moving worldwide. Physical activity for improved public health is a large part of their mission. Additionally, by requiring that ACE certified professionals obtain continuing education credits, ACE's Personal Trainers stay on the cutting edge of the latest industry research and technology that they then are able to utilize with their clients.


"Lea Ward is an excellent Personal Trainer who is committed to helping her clients achieve their physical fitness goals through individualized guided sessions. She adapts her approach to meet your fitness level by customizing each workout program and providing instruction on proper form. Wardville Workouts (or if you prefer Lea’s workouts) are highly motivational and produce results."

Robin Budish

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